What’s machine learning?

Machine learning enables a computer to respond in a certain way without explicitly being programmed to do so for the provided input; this involves learning from an existing data set or user behavior on how to respond to new inputs that the system encounters.

How can it amplify your sales activity?

We are at a point with technology that we can automate tasks that a human can perform with a couple of seconds on thinking. If you look at your sales process, there are many repetitive tasks that only require simple decision making, which can be taken over by a computer. Using intelligent systems to get through these fatigue­-inducing tasks helps your sales team become more efficient and boosts their sales activity yielding better sales outcomes.


hydra learns from your data and learns from your sales team members’ behaviors what characteristics indicate whether a lead should be considered qualified. hydra then uses this knowledge to automate the lead qualification process.


hydra learns specific characteristics such as titles, company sizes, market caps, etc. that are important to figuring out whether someone is likely to convert. hydra then adds these data points as labels, saving you hours each day.


hydra keeps a look-out for how leads engage with your messages and whether there are any important market activities happening that could affect your prospects. hydra uses this information to manage your lead queue and nurture flows.


hydra manages your contact queue by prioritizing whom you should contact next and making sure you are not dropping the ball on follow-ups.


hydra manages your nurture flows intelligently on your behalf, factoring in various parameters including engagement, market events and patterns it discovers while the nurture flow is under way, targeting best sales outcomes.


You can unleash hydra to impersonate you and automatically reach out to sales leads based on the behavior it has learned from your engagement patterns. Multiply your sales activity without adding more hours to your work day or having to expand your team.

Ready to go for the gold in sales efficiency?

hydra is designed from the core to make your sales process more efficient and boost your sales activities. Adding more sales people to boost sales activities is expensive, introduces new risks and comes with considerable ramp-up time. hydra amplifies the efforts of your current sales resources without the cost, risks, and delays.