Customer Segments

Automatically segment customers. Run personalized, high-performing campaigns — no in-house data science team required.

Segment customers like never before

Automatically segment in no time

Quickly extract insights from data without any technical help using Hydra scanners. Hydra scanners are no-code A.I. models that you can build in a few clicks.

Choose from our built-in library of scanner templates that are capable of analyzing a wide range of data sources including demographic data, firmographic data, conversations, product use and engagement data.

Automatically segment contacts and customers as they sign-up, download marketing collateral or added to your CRM.

Run personalized campaigns

Deliver personalized messaging and CTAs to each and every recipient and improve your campaign performance.

Run hyper-targeted campaigns based on persona, customer profile, state, product-match and other automatically derived insights.

When you tailor campaign messaging to individual recipients your conversion rates will skyrocket.

Train scanners to find unique insights

Identify insights that maybe useful for creating new segments. Then build scanners to extract these insights from data. Tune and optimize scanners through a simple UI without any technical help.

Get recommendations on which insights are more impactful in driving conversion. Get additional help to further tune and optimize scanners as needed.

Full Stack Data Science for Marketing — Auto Discover Segments by Scanning Data from a Range of Sources


Scan chat messages, emails, help desk tickets, phone calls to find user intent and sentiment.

Demographic data

Automatically fetch demographic data using the email and tag each user with a persona label.


Scan social feeds to identify company initiatives, priorities, tone and opportunities.

Product usage

Analyze product usage patterns to identify upgrade potential and referral opportunities.

Firmographic data

Automatically fetch firmographic data using the company domain and tag ICP match and industry group.


Scan hiring data and company updates to flag company initiative, priorities and opportunities.

Run data-driven campaigns

Use Hydra to turn data into your secret weapon and run better campaigns.