Reduce Churn

Automatically detect churn signals. Run personalized re-engagement campaigns — no in-house data science team required.

Use data science to reduce churn

use data to prevent churn​
Detect churn signals

Quickly extract churn signals from data without any technical help using Hydra scanners. Hydra scanners are no-code A.I. models that you can build in a few clicks.

Choose from our built-in library of scanner templates that are capable of analyzing a wide range of data sources including demographic data, firmographic data, conversations, product use and engagement data.

Use Hydra to automatically flag customers showing churn signals.

Re-engage with personalized campaigns

Re-engage each and every at-risk customer with personalized messaging and CTAs to reduce churn.

Personalize campaigns based on persona, customer profile, state, product value attainment and other automatically derived insights.

Hydra delivers all the insights to your campaign orchestration tool. So, you can execute campaigns using the tools you already use.

run personalized campaigns ​
train scanners to find unique insights
Train scanners to find unique insights

Identify churn signals that are unique to your product and business. Then build scanners to extract these signals from data. Tune and optimize scanners through a simple UI without any technical help.

Get recommendations on which data sources and patterns are more impactful in predicting churn. Get additional help to further tune and optimize scanners as needed.

Full Stack Data Science for Customer Success — Auto Discover Churn Signals by Scanning Data from a Range of Sources


Scan chat messages, emails, help desk tickets, phone calls to find user intent and sentiment.

Demographic data

Automatically fetch demographic data using the email and tag each user with a persona label.

Social Feeds

Scan social feeds to identify users expressing frustration about your product or company.

Product usage

Analyze product usage patterns to identify value attainment.

Firmographic data

Automatically fetch firmographic data using the company domain and tag the ICP match.

Payment data

Scan payment data to flag the revenue tier and subscription or consumption changes.

Reduce Churn

Use Hydra to turn data into your secret weapon for combating churn.