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  • Gets better each day

Hydra scanners are ready to-go A.I. models. Select and deploy scanners to cover all your customer touch points and more.

Hydra scanners monitor important aspects of prospect behavior, conversations and background data for revenue signals.

Hydra compiles signals from active scanners to provide actionable insights and predictions.


Get Insights At A Glance

  • Intent
  • Engagement
  • Utilization
  • Affinity
  • Sentiment

Hydra does the math covering all key aspects of your buyer's journey, and shows where things stand at a glance.

Hydra expands and enriches your understanding of prospects with complete profiles.

Hydra points you to prospects ripe for revenue with trend lines and actionable predictions.


Find Answers Where You

  • Native CRM integrations
  • Ask Hydra on Slack

Ask HydraBot on Slack to get insights about opportunities on demand. Set-up your own questions that you need answers on the go.

Hydra natively integrates with SalesForce and many other CRMS. Get all the answers where you work.

Set-up broadcasts to push Hydra's insights to other platforms in your workflow. Hydra plays well with your entire customer success stack.

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