Keep your sales engine humming, even when you’re on the road

Swipe & Engage

hydra queues-up leads for you in the app. When you are on the go, just swipe tap and engage. How about doing twenty follow-ups while you are waiting for coffee with automatically personalized email templates?

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Call & Engage

hydra analyzes your phone calls in real time to identify the best follow-up action. Just tap a button to send personalized follow-­up emails, schedule meetings or trigger nurture flows.

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Quick Add & Engage

Add new contacts you meet on the road with a swipe and engage using a suggested email or nurture flow templates. You no longer have to save the reach-outs for later.

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Ready to go for the gold in sales efficiency?

hydra is designed from the core to help your sales development reps excel at each contact. The platform recommends to the SDRs whom to contact, when to contact and how to contact based on what it has learned from the top performers and your customer data; this yields better outreach and better sales outcomes.