Amplify your sales team performance with A.I.

Slash Lead Research Time

Lead research is tedious and time consuming. hydra saves sales development reps’ time by automatically adding labels and notes with important data points to their incoming leads and tagging them with a customer persona. hydra helps sales teams engage in more high quality interactions in less time.

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Know When to Reach Out

hydra manages the contact queue automatically for the sales development reps and presents one lead at a time through our streamlined interface. hydra considers lead engagement patterns, elapsed time and lead to known persona alignment among other factors when prioritizing the queue and managing the follow-up schedule.

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Go With the Best Message

hydra analyzes various value propositions and message templates available to use and recommends the best matches based on what it has learned from the data and top-performer behavior. hydra continues to learn and optimize its recommendations with each interaction.

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Pick, Click & Engage

hydra’s streamlined engage interface lets sales development reps pick a recommended message template with a click. Messages are personalized automatically based on the context information, and hydra gives the options to further personalize the message as appropriate. Emails are delivered from the SDR’s own email account.

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Plow through Your Sales Calls

SDRs can click to call using our streamlined engage interface. hydra analyzes your sales calls in real time to figure out the best follow­-up task. When you hang up the phone, hydra prompts you with the suggested task options. Send effective emails, add people to nurture flows, schedule meetings or create reminders with just a click.

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Nurture Your Stale Leads

hydra enables sales teams to re-engage stale leads buried in the CRM using intelligent nurture flows. You can drag and drop tasks to a canvas and build intelligent nurture flows that scan for specific lead behaviors, market events and known persona alignment and send personalized emails to discover hidden customer opportunities.

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Stay on Top

Maintain a bird’s eye view of what is working and who is working out. hydra automatically tracks everything, removing the burden of data entry from your sales development reps. You can see activity levels, efficacy of your sales messages, and relevant market events all in one place.

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Ready to go for the gold in sales efficiency?

hydra is designed from the core to help your sales development reps excel at each contact. The platform recommends to the SDRs whom to contact, when to contact and how to contact based on what it has learned from the top performers and your customer data; this yields better outreach and better sales outcomes.