Automate Work With No-Code A.I.

  • Extract Data From Voice Calls
  • Process Invoices
  • Process Work Orders
  • Detect PII
  • Process Customer Requests
  • Automate Onboarding
  • Process RFPs
  • Hyper-Target Customers 
  • Prioritize Helpdesk Tickets
  • & More

Build No-Code A.I.

Half of what we do at work can be automated with A.I. However, implementing A.I. at work has been costly and time-consuming — until now. Hydra makes it possible for line-of-business users to build and implement A.I. in their everyday workflows. Hydra provides pre-built A.I. templates that users can train to fit their needs through a simple UI.

Wherever You Work

Hydra seamlessly integrates with software products and processes you trust through an open connector framework. You can introduce A.I. powered automation to telephony, document, or data-centric processes through our integrations with industry-leading products such as Zoom, Box, and Segment.

Be Twice As Efficient

Hydra works well for automating repetitive decision making tasks that are common across everyday workflows — helping you and your team become twice as efficient. Hydra makes it possible to free up the valuable human resources to focus on more complex, creative, and high-value tasks associated with operating the business.

Depending on where your company is in its growth curve, you may be experiencing tens of thousands of customer touchpoints each day. These customer touchpoints spread across various apps and systems like your blog, help desk system, email, chat, and the list go on. How do you capture the voice of the customer at scale?

Keeping up with new technology is essential to stay competitive. In this post, we cover various business cases that are ripe for improvement with A.I.

Users share a plethora of signals about their next move through the product usage and engagement data (i.e. first-party data).

A.I. powered automation can unlock even greater returns on investment from digital transformation initiatives. For many organizations re-structuring mature and established business processes are at the core of executing their digital transformation strategy. And, many of these processes are ripe for A.I. powered automation.

See How Easy It Is To Build A.I.

 To Fit Your Needs