How Does A.I. Help?

Just as Netflix learns what movies you like to watch, hydra learns various customer personas and how to best engage them. hydra then works alongside your sales people to optimize their sales workflow.

hydra amplifies sales activity without boosting sales costs

Learn from your data

hydra sifts through your customer data to discover various personas, and if required, the platform enhances your understanding of the customers by enriching the customer profiles with additional data points. hydra uses these personas to identify and recommend messages and value propositions that would resonate with your target customers when the SDRs reach out.

Learn from your people

hydra learns what your best sales people do when they are prompted with a lead based on various lead characteristics, like company size, industry, engagement level, market cap, etc., and the effectiveness of those choices. hydra uses this knowledge to make recommendations to sales development reps on when to reach out and what type of messaging to use.

Amplify performance

Star sales performers produce 200% more than the core performers in B2B complex sales. What if you could have a coach shadow your sales people and guide them through the process at every turn, helping them reach their peak performance level? hydra uses A.I. to do just that. Imagine what it could do to your bottom line if your core performers stepped up?