Unleash product-led growth with AI

Hydra is an AI toolkit for product teams. Deploy rapid experiments across your user journey to double paid-conversion, consumption, engagement frequency, and boost product-led growth.

Run rapid AI experiments

Use pre-built templates to generate AI-powered experiments. Seamlessly integrate the experiments to your product. Iterate to perfection.



Use templates designed to boost engagement depth, breadth, and frequency metrics. Automatically generate AI.



Plug in the model to your app using an auto-generated unique API endpoint or an SDK of your choice.



Wire in the feedback loop to collect data and automatically train and deploy the model at pre-set intervals.

$ hydra-ai templates list

* content-recommendation
* content-moderation
* intent-detection
* label-tagging

$ hydra-ai model create blog-recommender --template=content-recommender --dataset=blog-data-01

model id: ZIq4vQDSLX3QVpc4k5GD
API endpoint:

$ npm install hydra-ai

$ gem install hydra-ai

$ pip install hydra-ai

$ npm install hydra-ai

$ hydra-ai model set blog-recommender --auto-train=true --auto-deploy= true --interval=1000


Use goal-focused plays

Take the guess work out. Deploy proven patterns to boost user engagement. Pick plays based on industry, persona, and product type.

“We studied how successful product teams are using AI to power their growth. Now you can copy them too .

Himakara Pieris

Founder, hydra.ai

You might be looking to boost your trial conversion, increase the amount of time users spend on the platform, or expand the number of features used. Whatever your goal is, chances are that there is a play for that.

Unblock growth

A methodology that takes out the guess work. Automation that ships experiments fast. A talent cloud to offer an extra hand. We provide everything you need to unleash product-led growth with AI.


Our seven-step methodology covers developing a blueprint, planning resources, sourcing data, developing a backlog, implementation, iterations, and reporting. This means there is no guess work and there is a clear path to results.


Our AI toolkit automatically generates AI models for your experiments using proven open source libraries like scikit-learn and TensorFlow. This means you can build all the AI capabilities you want without having to hire a team of ML engineers, and build them about 10X faster.

Talent Cloud

Add machine learning, data science, product, analytics, and copywriting talent to your project on demand to push things over the finish line. Our experts go through a rigorous assessment process and are well-versed in our methodology. This means you can get that extra push anytime you need.

Three ways to boost your product engagement score fast

User engagement is the ultimate leading indicator of your success and failure. Product engagement score (PES) combines the depth, breadth, and frequency engagement metric to provide a single easy-to-track metric. Learn the three ways you can boost the product engagement score fast in this 15-minute webinar.

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